Cleaning Boost: the cream of the Home Loving crew

Mar 1, 2021 | 0 comments

If you’ve been following our new blog series, you’ll be familiar with our brand-new products: the Home Loving, planet loving, animal-loving, vegan, safe, recyclable, refillable team of sparkling superheroes, here to make a difference to your home and our planet.

There’s just one more hero to introduce you to:

and this one’s got the power. Our anti-grime adventurer started life as an oven cleaning paste but we soon discovered it had hidden talents.
Our final cleaning friend is Cleaning Boost and it works in partnership with our Daily Surface Cleaner to see off even the very worst grime or baked-on food. This dirt-busting duo are impressive: their superhero powers meaning they fight grime while still being kind to you, your family and the planet.

Cleaning boost is a cream that knows its job: it’s only nasty to dirt: there are no chemicals or added colour or fragrance, keeping your skin and surroundings safe and healthy.

And, because it’s simple to use, like all our products, you’d never know it packed such a powerful punch. A quick squirt of Daily Surface Cleaner added to a little Cleaning Boost cream and the only thing more impressive is our environmental credentials.

In true Home-Loving style, the cream is kind to you, your home and the planet. It’s made of plant-based, biodegradable ingredients, and has a vegan tick to prove it. It’s never been tested on animals and everything is resuable, recyclable and refillable.

Combine these heroes and with a wipe and a buff, the only footprint on the planet will be the one you just wiped up.

Home Loving – a family business

Ian and Tina live with their two young daughters and Biscuit the dog.

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Meet the home heroes

Daily Surface Cleaner

This multi-purpose cleaning hero will bring out the natural shine throughout your house and even on the dashboard of your car.

Glass Cleaner

Our Glass Cleaner loves a clear view of the world. Suitable for everyday use, it takes handprints, grease, smears and streaks out of the picture.

Stainless Steel Polish

Our Stainless Steel Polish means business. Showing stainless steel the tough love it needs, it leaves a streak-free shine wherever it goes.

Cleaning Boost

It is a cleaning hero that goes where other creams can’t. It is effective in cleaning virtually any oven or sealed surface.

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