Home Loving: Why we love being different

Jul 12, 2021 | 0 comments

When we first came up with the concept of launching our own range of household cleaning products, we knew we didn’t want to be just another product on the shelves. Like you, we’ve been feeling that the time is right for change to be the norm when it comes to our environment and the way we do business.

So, when Home Loving was just a sparkle in our eye, we sat down and gave some thought to what mattered.

What matters to you, matters to us

In the end, Home Loving is here to make the world a better place, so the values we chose reflected that.

Simplicity is really important: this is about cleaning our houses, it’s a basic activity that everyone needs to do and very few people enjoy, so we felt it needed some more love and care and just to be kept ‘simple’.

We also care about how we impact things and the legacy we leave when it comes to the planet and the lives of our customers. So ‘save’ became relevant in terms of money, time, space and the environment.

One way of saving things is by looking after and protecting what we have already so we chose ‘protect’ as something that should be integral to our brand.

You’ll see “Simple, Save, Protect” a lot when you spend time with our cleaning heroes. It’s our mantra and we find that, if we stick to it, things really work.

It’s also a good way to let you, as customers, know what we’re about and what you can expect if you buy our products.

In a Nutshell

We’re so excited to launch our products over the coming weeks. We hope you’ll grow to love Home Loving and our simple, save, protect approach to life.

  • Simple solutions, environmentally packaged, easy to use, refill and recycle
  • Save money, time and space as well as our planet
  • Protect your family, pets and the world around you, driving forward to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Working together with our partners who follow a sustainable vision and care about their people too

We’re looking forward to bringing our brand to life and sending a little bit of love into everyone’s home for 2021.


Home Loving – a family business

Ian and Tina live with their two young daughters and Biscuit the dog.

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Meet the home heroes

Daily Surface Cleaner

This multi-purpose cleaning hero will bring out the natural shine throughout your house and even on the dashboard of your car.

Glass Cleaner

Our Glass Cleaner loves a clear view of the world. Suitable for everyday use, it takes handprints, grease, smears and streaks out of the picture.

Stainless Steel Polish

Our Stainless Steel Polish means business. Showing stainless steel the tough love it needs, it leaves a streak-free shine wherever it goes.

Cleaning Boost

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