Buff: it’s a little word with a lot of impact

Jul 14, 2021 | 0 comments

Here at Home Loving, our mantra is “If we all make small changes, big changes happen.” It’s most likely you’ll hear us talking about this in relation to the environment and our stapes to help clean up our planet but it’s also relevant to the way we’d like you to use our products.

You see, there’s a small detail on the instructions which, if followed, will make a really big difference to the results you get.


Spray it, wipe it, buff it

It’s buffing. In our opinion, there should be more buffing in the world. A good buff will help to bring about an unrivalled shine. When you buy our products, you’ll see the instructions to use them are simple: Just spray it, wipe it, and buff it. That little word has a big impact: just try it when you next use any of our products and you’ll marvel at the difference.

We guarantee it’ll brighten your day, and here’s why.

Often, cleaning products will leave a surface looking misty. That’s usually down to excess product remaining after you’ve wiped. But this excess still contains the cleaning superpower so, by buffing the surface after wiping it, you’re putting every last bit of product to good use and bringing out the maximum shine on your surfaces.

This blog shows how important it is to us that you get the very best out of our Home Loving superheroes. And that’s because they are home loving. Not liking, or just tolerating by being polite, but actual loving. Let’s face it, you love your home too otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog: about buffing.

To be honest, we did give ourselves a strange sideways glance when the idea to blog about buffing came to mind. But, actually, it proved to be a very educational process. Now that we’ve given you the important message, about spending some time buffing our cleaning products to get the very shiniest shine on your surfaces, here’s some other nuggets of information which we came across when doing a bit of research. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

  Typing the word ‘buffing’ into Google comes up with over 33 million results. Clearly, we’re not the only fans of this value-added activity.

  Most of the YouTube results on buffing relate to cleaning cars or metal. Luckily, we don’t recommend anywhere near the amount of kit that they do. Don’t get us wrong, some of those buffing tools are impressive but for our products, a clean, lint-free cloth is the only tool you need.

  Wikipedia is also focused on buffing metal. We don’t advise following their approach as it may be a little harsh for your kitchen worktop but, for those of you who like charts, there is one with headings such as initial buff, rough buff and final buff.

So, there you have it. If you’re still reading, we’d like to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

You are clearly with us all the way and we hope you are seeing the fruit of your labour with the shiniest house on your street.




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