Small steps add up

Aug 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Here at Home Loving, we’ve been watching the news with more enthusiasm than usual as we see the pandemic numbers slowly move from negatives like cases and deaths to positives like those who have been vaccinated. The past year has been hugely sobering for us all and has really illustrated that, by pulling together, we can find strength and innovation that we never knew was there.

And it’s on the subject of small steps that we are writing today. We’re on the cusp of lockdown ending; the clocks have signalled it is now officially British Summer Time and we can feel change building – this time for the better.

Our mantra is “if we all make small changes, big changes happen” and we’re hoping that by getting back to a ‘new normal’ all of you, our lovely followers, can commit to NOT rushing back to some of the old habits when it comes to recycling and being friendly to this planet.

What’s your new normal?

Our Home Loving heroes are here, and they bring a sense of hope for the future with them. As we move from a long dark winter into summer, we’d love to see a change in our attitudes towards pollution in our world.

For some of you, that might be the next step on a journey you’ve been on for a while. For others it might be your first experience of reusing and recycling. Whichever is your truth is fine: just remember that there should be no barriers to making the next move, no matter how small or how new it feels.

A recent Facebook share showed trucks dumping mountains of refuse sacks into a river in India and the country’s waste management issues are well documented. It’s easy, when we see this type of behaviour, to lose heart and feel that our small efforts are a drop in the ocean.

And that’s probably one of the biggest barriers to big change happening. There was criticism of the UK government recently because they don’t have a climate change plan. Perhaps the sense that we need to plan in detail and show progress over long periods of time is masking what really needs to be done: taking action. Yes, no matter how small that action is, if we don’t take it, we can be sure the change will never come.

As humans, we are resilient.

As humans, we are resilient. We’ve survived a massive threat to our existence only recently. But our planet is not. It doesn’t have infinite resources; it can’t survive a mounting pile of waste and pollution. There’s no vaccine to make these issues go away. The only catalyst for change is YOU.

But our planet is not.

So, join us on our SOS campaign – save our squirters (the only bit of packaging we can’t recycle); try out our products; reuse your plastic containers (and remember it’s not plastic that’s wrong, it’s the way we use it in a disposable way); reduce, reuse, recycle. Whichever small action you choose, make it the first of many and celebrate the small step towards major change that you just made.


Want to learn more, check out our blog, Save our Squirters



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