Is your family pet safe at home?

Aug 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Forgive the slightly sensational headline for this blog but this is something we all need to sit up and take notice of. National Pet Day falls on 11th April and there can’t be many British households without a furry, feathered or fluffy friend. In fact, since the onset of the pandemic, pet ownership is reported to be soaring, with nearly half of existing pet-owners opting for another animal during lockdown and 10% of households without pets saying they plan to get one within 6 months. At Home Loving, we’re also dog-loving with our very own cockerpoo, Biscuit, keeping us company and providing lots of entertainment.

Forever chemicals

So, it will come as no surprise that the health of our pets was another driver for us to source safe ingredients for our new range of cleaning products. In fact, we pushed this as far as possible and are proud to display the Leaping Bunny logo which proves our products are also cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals. If you want to find out more about things to consider when you have pets sharing your home, this article about ‘forever chemicals’ will give food for thought. Unfortunately, the forever in this case isn’t a nice one – like forever friends, or forever love – instead it means these nasty pollutants can’t be removed once they find their way into our world.

Make a change

If you haven’t already, maybe use National Pet Day as the time to rid your home of these chemicals nasties. Dogs are our fur-babies and, like actual children, they will scrabble about on the floor, often coming into contact with cleaning products, bleach or stain removers. Add to this the fact that they use their mouths to clean themselves and it’s easy to see how they might be badly affected by anything dangerous in the air or on surfaces around them. And, even if you change what you use, remember dogs especially will eat anything so it’s still good practice to keep any cleaning products safely out of sight. There’s some good advice in the article we’ve shared but, as a rule of thumb, look for pet-safe, non-toxic products and, remember, just because they’re friendly to dogs and the planet doesn’t mean they don’t know bad bacteria when they see it. Our Home Loving products have been developed with safety in mind, whether that’s related to pets, the planet or the people that use them. And we’re proud of how effective they are at bringing the sparkle out in your home. A Home Loving home is a safe home, so why not try out our trial pack now?

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