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5 ways to create romance at home for Valentine’s Day by Home Loving

We’re already preparing ourselves for the fact that this year’s Valentine celebrations are likely to be at home rather than in a romantic restaurant. So, how about some top tips for how to create the perfect atmosphere for the most important date night of the year, with 5 ways to create romance at home for Valentine’s Day by Home Loving.

1.    Twinkle (and not just in your eye!)

Fairy lights should be for life, not just for Christmas. There’s nothing like soft, twinkly lights to make things feel cosy and romantic and to hide some of the detail around you, like the draining board or the boiler! Lighting is a great way to change the mood of a room though, so spend some time on it to set the right atmosphere for your meal.

2.    Treats (right on your doorstep)

Since lockdown, we’ve noticed a huge increase in businesses offering sweets and treats delivered to your door. From all-day grazing boxes to afternoon tea, you can pick whatever suits your mood and save yourself the time doing yet more lockdown baking. We always think cake tastes much better when it’s hand delivered so give it a go and share a sweet with your sweetie.

3.    A token gesture (it’s the thought that counts)

There’s not a great deal to do together at the moment other than walking or watching something good on Netflix. But, things will get back to normal so you could gift your significant other with a promise for a fun day out in the future. We love the idea of making your own voucher rather than buying a gift card because there’s no risk if the company goes out of business, you can just rip that one up and make another. Plus, it’ll give you something to plan for when you’ve finished binge-watching all the Netflix series together.

4.    Get your glad-rags on (and, no that doesn’t mean posh PJ’s)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably existed mainly in loungewear for the past nine months. It does seem pretty pointless to get all dressed up when you’ve got nowhere to go. But, if you want to make your Valentine feel extra special, wouldn’t it be nice to make that effort? If you both put on something smart, you can pretend you’re at that really posh restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. Wow, we’re jealous, we couldn’t get booked for month!

5.    Share the Home Loving (you’re a team, after all)

Make a deal to give the house a spruce up together before you start your date. It doesn’t seem fair for one of you to do all the cleaning, so team up and it’ll take half the time. You don’t want the kids’ leftovers still out on the side when you sit down for your twinkly treats so make the effort to create the perfect space to focus just on one another.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Home Loving team. We hope you have fun – why not post your twinkly pics on our Facebook page We’ll give away a free sample pack of our cleaning superheroes to the best one.

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