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Is living without Plastic really the answer?


A controversial topic for many of us, but is living without plastic really the solution to the worlds problems.

Led to believe that plastic waste is the only problem this world has, but misleading information and messaging is encouraging us to follow and not think about the problems.

At Home Loving, I can honestly say, I was one of those people who followed and believed what I was told.

Is it even possible?

Look around, there are so many things we use in our daily life that are made from plastic or have components made of plastic. Is it even possible to remove this product from our lives.

What alternative can we have for blood bags for example, they uses to be made of glass, but plastic was a great solution or rubbish bins.

When we start to look at the the things we use daily, consider the alternative, it makes you think.

An awaking

Over the last 4 years, we have learnt so much about the business of manufacturing.

We have had a really awaking moment, and one that has meant the blinkers have been taken off.

Clearly seeing the world problems and concerns with fresh eyes.

Part of our mission is to share the learning we have made and share with our community.

Wanting to help people to make the small changes, so the big changes can happen.

Plastic production is something we can’t change, but we can change how we use it and see it.

Sustainable choices

After listening to customers and finding out what they want to buy and how they want to feel helps to ensure that when they buy their cleaning product that they are making good sustainable choices.

Developing Home Loving, and making choices about what is possible in today’s world, what can the supply chain really do within the boundaries of regulation.

Sadly, expectations and the reality of what is possible within a price range do not always meet, so it important to look at all the elements before making a choice.

How are you going to balance your choices?


What do you really want to buy and how do you want to feel?

The change we are in control of as consumers.

Plastic is one of the best material for cleaning products, you need to consider the the location it is kept in, what is being kept in it, and if you can refill it and it will last.

Controlling the narrative with purchasing power is key, these are the changes we are in control of as consumers.

Home Loving is in a plastic bottle, but a quality plastic bottle that will last and is refillable, if you are refilling then this is the best solution.

Plastic – Home Loving’s small changes

Simple save protect

Our SOS Save our Squirters campaign is designed to reuse existing triggers, or customer can purchase a new trigger that will last, what every you do, do not put your trigger to refill.

Reuse the tester bottle- if you get a sample, reuse the bottle, they are so useful and perfect handbag or backpack size.

Check out all the things you can do, to start helping make small changes.

Refill your 500ml bottle in the home from your own refill station. Save money and time buy having your own refill station, having your favourite home hero with you at all times.

Fragrance and colour free products that work.  We are planet Loving we are so much more than cleaning products, we are so excited to be sharing the Home Loving.







Living without plastic is not the answer, educating people is.

Systems and structures need to be simple and clear, with messages that are not confusing, but honest and truthful.

Make a start with the things you can manage.

Home Loving – a family business

Ian and Tina live with their two young daughters and Biscuit the dog.

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