Meet the home loving partners

Sharing the stories, concerns and challenges that have been faced to bring about the Home Loving that we see today.

Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world.   Today I am wise, I am changing myself.

Education is the key


We’ve been on an incredible journey and learnt more than we thought possible about materials, processes and behaviours that impact our planet.

We’ve learned that being kinder to the environment is not about being plastic free. Our behaviour is the real key to making a change.

It’s time to educate ourselves and future generations about taking responsibility, not only for the materials we choose, but for how we choose to use them.

Each of us will have something that we feel is more important than the other, maybe the issue of single use plastic is important, or reducing the carbon footprint, being non-toxic, or the issues around recycling are critical.  

Our Home Loving Partners share stories about what has been learnt, and what the small changes we have made, to making the big changes happen.

If we all make small changes big changes happen.

Home Loving partners

Home Loving

I wanted to share with you the story of how our Home Loving Heroes came to be.

Xpress label

Sarah from Xpress Labels talks certifications, choices and the complexities of recycling.


Finding the perfect manufacturing partner

OI Digital

Steve from Office Innovation talks about how web development and hosting can be Eco Friendly

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