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There are always a few questions that pop into our minds. We hope to have the answers to yours within the questions below.  If not just ask and we will add it to the list.

No question is a silly question. We believe it’s just a chance to be able to learn more and understand better. 


When was Home Loving founded?

Home Loving was developed in 2019 by Ian and Tina Duggan, born from the idea that our cleaning company needed products that worked and were eco-friendly. So, both the products and us have been on quite a journey, due to launch in 2020, the launch was postponed due to Covid 19 and finally launched in 2021, we could not be happier to share our amazing Home Heroes.

What’s different about Home Loving?

We have four Home Heroes so far, and each one is effective at doing its job, designed by professionals for professionals, we needed a product that worked well and could perform in the most challenging of situations, yet be eco-friendly, reduce toxins and be kind to animals.  Quickly realising that this is great stuff, we wanting to share it with our customers.

Home Loving is about education, we want to be a driver for small changes, helping and sharing what we have learnt, from the most suitable and effective bottles, to the labels, ingredients and the overall carbon footprint. . In the hope that sharing these small changs this leads to bigger changes for us all and the planet.

Is Home Loving a privately owned company?

Home Loving is a privately owned family business and is part of the Oven Cleaning Group Ltd. We are British and proud of it and have no stakeholders to satisfy.

Where are the Home Loving products made?

We have developed these amazing products with a British manufacture in Northamptonshire. Amazing teamwork and persistence  has meant that together, we have create our own unique product. Our manufacturer shares and aligns with our core values and beliefs including being eco-responsible and committed to the vision of being sustainable.

What are the Home Loving core values?

Our brand values tells the story of our journey so far, and what we hope to achieve in the future.

Effective products that work for you and the planet.

Simple solutions, environmentally packaged, easy to use, refill and recycle.

Save money, time and space as well as our planet.

Protect your family, pets and the world around you, driving forward to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Working together with our partners who follow a sustainable vision and care about their people.

Authentic, holistic and total cleaning solution. We are not about ‘green washing’, we are a deep cleaning product range that works. Everything from product ingredients to labelling and packaging is aimed at reducing or offsetting the carbon footprint.

What is Home Loving’s environmental and sustainability position?

Our founding ethos was to offer oven cleaning products and services that are the most sustainable we can; pure,
green and family safe, and in accordance with our values. It is important that our key supply chain partners share
our values and support us in our mission to minimise our impacts and transform the cleaning industry.

We intend that our all products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty free and safe in the home, and we’re on a journey
with our suppliers achieve this. We promote a circular approach to materials and our products actively
encourage reuse and recycling. We use local suppliers where possible and our cleaning products have achieved
the “Made in Britain” certification.

How can I join the Home Loving Family?

We are always looking for like minded people to join out team, drop us a message at sayhello@homeloving.co.uk


What accreditations do you have?

Home Loving is Made In Britain, we are proud to wear this accreditation. Supporting all bsuiness in the UK to grow as well as reducing the carbon footprint of Home Loving. 

We love being Vegan, this accreditation ensures that we know what is in the product.

It’s not for the faint hearted, getting these acfreditations is challenging, but so worth the effort. You can trust the quality of your cleaning Home Hero, knowing that autentic. 

Why don’t you supply triggers with every product?

It is because of Operation SOS; Save our Squirters, this is a message that we want to share.

We believe in not using single use plastic, triggers are hard to recycle and therefore end up in the bin. They have been designed for multiple use, so let’s use them, over and over again. 

Join the revoloution, one squirter at a time!

So ,of course you can buy a trigger or tap from us, but think before you do, do you really need it?

What are the ingredients in the Home Loving products?

Have a look at our ingredients list for Home Loving to find out more.

With only 14 ingredients across the range, we have worked hard to remove and make the range as simple yet effective as we could. including being fragrance free and no added colours.

Using plant based alternative and reducing the toxins in the home was one of our top goals, this small change has helped reduce the impact on you, your family and pets and our planet.


What is the Spray, Wipe and Buff?

Spray, Wipe, Buff, is the method we suggest you use your Home Loving range to get the most out of it. We are all about keeping it simple!

Spray as required, leave for a minute or two for more stubborn stains or grease build up.

Wipe away with a damp microfibre cloth.

Buff the surface until dry to leave a smooth and shiny finish.

What surface can I use the products on?

We recommend that these products are used on sealed surfaces only.  Cleaning Boost has chalk as an ingredient, which is a mild abrasive, so check and do a patch test before committing to a new shiny surface such as glass.

This is great advice for all products, if your not sure, patch test.

I can never get my stainless steel to shine?

Less is more when it come to creating a high shine.

The trick with this surface is use a little amount product, spray directly onto a dry cloth, not on the surface, then wipe in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel. 

Check the surface that you are shining is dry before applying the Stainless Steel Polish, it will prevent streaking. 

How long will a 5L refill last?

This all depends on the product and how often you use it.

We would say stainless steel could last a lifetime, and daily surface could be every 3 months.

What does simple, save and protect stand for?

These are our values, and everything we do we check in and make sure we are sticking to it. If a new idea doesn’t fit this criteria, then it’s doesn’t pass muster! We all need a bit of accountability from time to time.

Simple solutions, environmentally packaged, easy to use, refill and recycle.

Save money, time and space as well as our planet.

Protect your family, pets and the world around you, driving forward to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Working together with our partners who follow a sustainable vision and care about their people.

Can I get some more details on the products?

Of course, we have nothing to hide.

Please email us on the contact form and email your questions to us, we would be happy to help.

What sizes can I buy Home Loving in?

It’s simple, either a 500ml for everyday use or a 5L refill.

We have some handy 30ml testers which are great for keeping in your bag or when you are on holiday and so easy to refill.

Are there warning signs on your labels?

No, we have worked hard to ensure that our products don’t require the safety label, that means they are within the tolerable levels, reducing the toxins within the home.

However, as will all cleaning product, care and caution should be taken. Some great general advice is to wear gloves when using any cleaning product to protect the skin on your hands, as well as keeping out of reach of small children and pets. 

How much packaging will there be?

We do our best to fit the size of the product to the best fit packaging whilst using as little filling as possible, but it must  still ensure you get a perfect product when it arrives.

We go back to our course values.

Simple – Save – Protect – Effective

Boxes are made from recycled material, so have already been around the block before!

Tape is made from paper and water based ink, 100% recyalable even if it is stuck to your box!

Internal packing is made from FSC souced suppliers and PEFC Certified,  recycled newspaper offcuts, and shredded paper all of shick is Reusable, Recyclable and biodegradable. 



Customer Service

I have a complaint or question; how can I get hold of you?

We are committed to providing you a quality product and an amazing experience. If you need to contact us to make a complaint, report damage or just give some feedback.

Please start by emailing us on sayhello@homeloving.co.uk or send a message via the contact form.

All damages must be reported within 7 days of delivery.

The 14 day cooling off period /guarantee if purchased online – this only applies to private customers

Consumer Rights Act 2015 for all sales giving customers rights if the item is faulty, not fit for purpose or not as described.

For more information on our click Terms and Conditions 

How long will my order take to get to me?

We pride ourselves in turning around the order so you can meet your Home Hero as soon as you can.

We try to get your delievery with you in 2-4 days of payment. We will keep you informed along the way.



Payment is taken online at time of purchase. 

All details are held with a 3rd party and not with Home Loving.

How do I find out more about Home Loving?

We are always sharing what we have learnt and our next plans, so make sure you keep in touch, here are some of the ways you can.

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