Planet Loving

Our environmental credentials
Our journey to create products which leave the smallest possible environmental footprint has been educational to say the least.

We’ve investigated everything from the best recyclable packaging materials to carbon offset schemes.

Our mantra is if we all make small changes, big changes happen. And that’s why we value little things. Tiny steps towards a bigger goal.

Our eco and animal friendly cleaning products

We’re proud to say that our cleaning superheroes have been awarded vegan status along with being certified animal friendly and free from any chemicals or added fragrances or colours.

We’re also supporting other home-grown businesses by keeping 100% of the materials and ingredients British, hence our Made In Britain stamp.

Our accreditations

You might have guessed we’re pretty keen on getting the environmental stuff right. It’s been an educational journey for us, and some of the solutions we thought would be the right ones have turned out not to be. More on that later. Here’s the low down on what each of our hard-won accreditations mean:

Vegan logo

Vegan Trademark

Awarded by The Vegan Society, the trademark is used on labels worldwide as the authentic standard for products free from animal ingredients and animal testing. As our customers, seeing this mark means you know you don’t have to check through the ingredients. You also know that even the development and manufacturing stages of the product have not involved any animal testing, products or by-products.

Made In Britain

Displaying this logo shows our commitment to using British materials and manufacturers and our pride at creating a product that supports the British trade market.

By going through this process, we have considered all our choices and how they make us behave. It’s been crucial for us to validate that we meet the stiff criteria and that our products are therefore as good for the planet and for animals as they can be.

Equally important is that we make life’s choices as simple as possible for our customers. You can be reassured that out products meet these standards and that we will continue to strive to meet any new and increased standards in the future.

The Really Detailed Stuff

For those of you who want to know more, here’s a detailed guide to every eco, animal and environmentally friendly aspect of our business:

Reduced single use plastics (almost all containers are refillable and the process to reorder is as simple as we can make it, available directly from this website)

Biodegradable, plant-based ingredients (the manufacturing company, based in Bedfordshire, have policies which place environmentally friendly operations at the core of their business)

Labels use Eco and vegan materials and glues

Cardboard packaging: boxes fully recyclable, including water-based ink (and already made from 80% recycled materials, the waste from which is reused to make more cardboard)

Fully reusable spray dispensers and taps

Made In Britain (with 100% British materials and ingredients)

Never tested on animals

Vegan Certified

No chemical nasties (kind to skin, health and home)

No added fragrances or colours

Website designed by a company whose sole energy supply is renewable

Choose to love your planet.

Choose Home Loving’s home heroes.

If we all make small changes big changes happen.

Meet the home heroes

Daily Surface Cleaner

This multi-purpose cleaning hero will bring out the natural shine throughout your house and even on the dashboard of your car.

Glass Cleaner

Our Glass Cleaner loves a clear view of the world. Suitable for everyday use, it takes handprints, grease, smears and streaks out of the picture.

Stainless Steel Polish

Our Stainless Steel Polish means business. Showing stainless steel the tough love it needs, it leaves a streak-free shine wherever it goes.

Cleaning Boost

It is a cleaning hero that goes where other creams can’t. It is effective in cleaning virtually any oven or sealed surface.

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