Retail 30ml Sample Set

£7.50 Inc VAT

Our cleaning superheroes have just got tiny, don’t be fooled they are mighty and super cute.

It’s refillable so you can save your bottle and the environment. Our refill service is straightforward and quick, with orders processed through this website.

We’ve gone to the ends of the earth to source the very best eco-friendly, vegan and animal friendly materials available, so you can protect your home, your environment and your planet.

It’s home loving, clean loving, shine loving, change loving, planet loving. Our sparkling superstar shines light on a better future for our planet.

Meet Daily Surface Cleaner, our very own environmental hero with the ability to clean anything, anywhere. Use to shine everything from your kitchen to your caravan safe in the knowledge you’re protecting the environment.

Next comes Glass Cleaner, a clear champion at providing streak-free surfaces, leaving no dirt and no environmental footprints behind either.

Cleaning Boost the Anti-Grime Adventure. Alone, it is effective in cleaning virtually any oven and sealed surface but, when paired with its sidekick, Daily Surface Cleaner, you have a double act to die for, the ultimate dirt busting due.

The final member of our superhero trio is Stainless Steel Polish, a sparkling superstar and paragon of protecting the planet too.

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