Clean and Tidy

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What is the art of being clean and tidy?

Home Loving’s 5 top tips to help develop the art of being clean and tidy.

With all the troubles and noise going on in the world today, the planet isn’t feeling very clean and tidy, ultimately this affects what happens to us in our daily lives.

A common theme, overwhelm!

Recently, after speaking to many people in relation to having a clean and tidy home and how they felt how clean and tidy their minds were. Almost all said that when they homes are tidy, their minds are too.

I am sure you we can all relate, but more importantly, having a clean home begins with having the determination and strength of mind to act and declutter.

Peter Walsh, says “Clutter is not just the stuff on your floor – it’s anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.”

When you get to a place of overwhelm, it becomes difficult to see through the chaos, the most difficult part is making a start.

Five top tips to help recreate new habits to keep your home clean and tidy.


1.Start with making small changes from the moment you wake up.

Start the day with the best of intentions, make your bed as soon as you rise, wash and dress before you get your morning coffee or breakfast.  don’t turn on the TV or get pulled into social media, before you have written your plan for the day.

2. The power of 1

Don’t try and do everything in one go, it’s not possible, the power is doing one thing well and enjoying the win. Do one load of washing, pick one task, eg hoovering, or ironing to do in the day. Clean one room at a time. tidy one wardrobe, do o ne load of washing a day.   What every you choose, just pick one, per day.  Create a plan and stick to it.

3. Keep your cleaning kit simple. 

Don’t over complicate the tools and products you need to clean. ‘KISS’ it.  We have to many products on offer in the shops,  lots of quick fix ideas to help solve every problem in the home, we try them and then we go back to what we know. Keep your cleaning equipment close to were you clean.

Keep It Super Simple.

Keeping it simple means less complication and overwhelm.  All you need are sponges, microfibre cloths, degreasing product, glass cleaning, boosting creams and stainless steel polish and some washing up liquid, some essential oils might help too.

4. Little and often

Don’t try and spend the day doing chores, break it into to bite sizes. Spend 15 minutes in the morning, your 30 minutes on your power of 1 and then 15 minutes in the evening before bed.   By ensuring that you keep on top of it, the clutter doesn’t have time to build up.

Never leave the house to come home to dishes, or wake up to dishes to do.  Never leave the room empty handed, pick up as you go.  Spend no more than 30 minutes on your power of 1 task for the day.

5. Teamwork and Rewards

Get the whole family involved in keeping on top of the chores, when your cleaning up someone else’s mess, so its best to teach everyone these simple 5 steps to the art of being clean and tidy. If you live alone, it is much easier to keep on top of things, however, with both situations rewards are a must.

Take the time to appreciate the results, this doesn’t need to be expensive, it can be sitting down with a cuppa and enjoying the space you have created.

With team work and rewards, your home will not only be clean and tidy, but happier too!


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