Ten ways to reuse your cleaning spray bottle sample

Mar 3, 2021 | 0 comments

They come in cute little Bottles

As part of the launch of our range of heroic cleaning products, Home Loving is giving away samples. They come in cute little bottles which need to be reused (they don’t look as cute washed up on beaches!) So, read on to find out ten ways to reuse your Home Loving product sample bottle:

  1. Refill it from your bigger bottle of Daily Surface Cleaner and keep it in the car. Works just as well on dashboards and can cope admirably with the mess the kids make in the back.
  1. Refill it with Daily Surface Cleaner and keep it in your handbag – useful when you want to wipe over your coffee table or the seat of the public loo!
  1. Fill it with water and use it as one of those little houseplant spritzers – plants love a bit of damp air and this is the right size to hide behind those leafy specimens so it can’t be seen.
  1. Fill it with water and lavender oil and spritz your pillow at night. An good trick if you can’t get to sleep.
  1. Fill it with cold water in the heat of summer and use to cool yourself while sunbathing. It’ll feel just like the ocean spray when you’re abroad.
  1. Fill it with water and keep it near the BBQ for times when the fire is too hot. Flames mean fail when it comes to BBQ food, so douse them gently and you should produce the perfect plate of food.
  1. Fill it with washing up liquid and water and use to keep your roses clear of pesky greenfly.
  1. Mix some cooking oil with water and use your spritzer as a low-fat alternative when frying.
  1. Decant a little Daily Surface Cleaner into it and spritz your shower after use. It’ll keep the marks on the shower screen at bay and is chemical free, so no harm to you either.
  1. Keep one in the greenhouse and use it to water your seedlings. They’ll appreciate it when your smallest watering can is still so big it’ll drown them!

Have you reused spray bottles before? We’d love to hear your ideas, so why not get in touch via our Facebook and Instagram pages and show us how inventive you’ve been!

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