Get the best from your Home Hero, Daily Surface Cleaner

May 30, 2021 | 0 comments

Daily Surface Cleaner will transform your worksurfaces, windowsill, sinks, showers or Splashbacks, to name a few, basically this Home Hero works wonders on any sealed surface, saving you time an money.

At home loving, we believe in keeping things simple, so follow our simple 3 steps all you need to do is:

Spray it, Wipe it, and Buff it.

Top Tips for your Home Loving Heroes:

For a quick clean up, spray on to a damp cloth or lightly over the surface, wipe and then use a dry cloth to buff to a high shine. Use on extractor fans, worktops, sealed door surfaces, hob, ovens, oven doors, tiles and splashbacks.

For more dirty highly greased surfaces, spray on the area and leave for a few minutes, then with a damp cloth, wipe away and repeat the wipe for ultimate results. Don’t’ for get to buff with a dry cloth

Oven cleaning, as part of a maintenance between professional oven cleans, remove the internal trays, and spray into a warmed oven, about 100 Degree, leave for 5-10 minutes, then with a clean cloth or sponge or 0 grade wire wool, depending on the amount of build-up, wipe until all debris is removed, with a clean cloth buff to a high shine.


Don’t forget, a little goes a long way!


Home Loving it’s Change Loving

Simple– Products easy to use.    Save– money and the planet.      Protect -your home and environment.

Effective – getting the job done.   Authentic – holistic and total cleaning solution.

Daily surface cleaner is available in 500ml and 5L refills, we’ve designed a super quick and easy reordering process so it’s easy for you to be a day-to-day hero too.

Home Loving – a family business

Ian and Tina live with their two young daughters and Biscuit the dog.

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